Thursday, August 16, 2007

Silence and Self Control

To be silent requires quite a bit of resilience. I’m talking about resisting the desire to express…Why does one keep silent? Two main reasons: (1) Lack of confidence (2) Lack of interest. But when someone is confident, and has a desire to express his views, can he exercise silence? What benefit will that entail? Keeping silent when having a desire to express will help one gain control over oneself. It is in other words exercising self control.

Silence and Courage

Do we realize that we need tremendous courage to manage silence? Silence is a direct variant of ambiguity… Tolerating ambiguity is something not everyone is used to... yet everyone talks Himalayas of text on it... Every time we try to tolerate ambiguity, we tend to look at ourselves and our knowledge... the moment we see or perceive something that is unknown to us, we get scared and defensive... Dont we?

The question is - what are we scared of when we have to bear silence????

Interesting thought indeed.....!!!!!