Friday, April 09, 2004

Today I heard, Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, who gave me whole lot of new insights on Hindu beliefs of the mind, body, and soul. Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan's (Hon. Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage), presentation was on “Indian concepts on culture, spirituality and religion”. His lecture began by highlighting the four Indian concepts of God:

Upanishadic level: Omnipotent/omnipresent concept
Vedic level: The Universal person concept
Puranic level: Trinity concept -BRAHMA, VISHNU, SIVA
Itihasa level: Incarnation concept in reality

Most interesting aspect of the lecture dealt with the pure scientific books on UPAVEDAS (subsidiary to vedas). They are the:
Economics (Arthasaastra - Upaveda to Rigveda)
Science of archery (Dhanur veda - Upaveda to Yajurveda)
Science of music (Gaandharva veda - Upaveda to Samaveda)
Science of health (Ayurveda - Upaveda to Atharvaveda)
Science of civil engineering & sculpture (Sthaapathya veda - second Upaveda to Atharva veda)

Amazing, is his knowledge as the work he does through IISH (


Friday, March 26, 2004

Few pages behind, I spoke of True Motivation. Today I'm analysing something similar. I'm trying to justify myself and my state of mind. Its not helping one bit I admit. I'm still in the same old rut. This is again making me all the more frustrated. I turn to GOD for refuge. Then few moments of peace set in. Again after a point of time, back in the stream of daily life, I tend to get lost. It is definitely a transition phase, yet the process becomes laboriously painful at times... Demotivation sets in when i'm shit scared to fail... I know I cant win, and I also realise that there's nothing much I can do about it. Moving away, or Calling Quits is equally challenging, as this failure is casting a shadow on my self confidence to start afresh. I need to make a choice of enjoying the failure and becoming confident of starting afresh. I hope I'll make that happen soon...