Friday, March 26, 2004

Few pages behind, I spoke of True Motivation. Today I'm analysing something similar. I'm trying to justify myself and my state of mind. Its not helping one bit I admit. I'm still in the same old rut. This is again making me all the more frustrated. I turn to GOD for refuge. Then few moments of peace set in. Again after a point of time, back in the stream of daily life, I tend to get lost. It is definitely a transition phase, yet the process becomes laboriously painful at times... Demotivation sets in when i'm shit scared to fail... I know I cant win, and I also realise that there's nothing much I can do about it. Moving away, or Calling Quits is equally challenging, as this failure is casting a shadow on my self confidence to start afresh. I need to make a choice of enjoying the failure and becoming confident of starting afresh. I hope I'll make that happen soon...

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