Friday, January 11, 2008

Daring to be Weak

Someone close to me, almost like my Mirror, taught me the other day, an interesting line - "Dare to be Weak with someone".... It struck me immediately... So here I am trying to think through it...

Daring to be Weak, happens in few instances... The most important of them is when we feel secure... Security in relationships and instances helps us shed our walls.... To recall JK, the famous philosopher, "The most feared thing by man is Security... we always live in fear... of something or someone, or future... the list is endless.... Even when someone dear and near dies, if you watch closely, the people who mourn by that person's side, always think - "now, who is there for me to replace your void".... funny enough, not for a moment, they think of the person lying dead next to them... even at that point they are thinking about the security that this person provided, which no longer exists... and are worried about it.

So, daring to be weak exists, only when there is a feeling of security....

In other instances, probably the second most important variation of security is - LOVE.... when you really love someone, you forget yourself, so much..... that......... you have only that person in your mind.... be it GOD, or a philosophy, or a person, like your wife, husband, or lover...

In this scenario as well, you dare to be weak... but only with that person :D.... (see,?? security never leaves its place)

My thought goes ever more daring (or weaker) ....hehe

Can one be weak with this whole world...? When will that happen? How can that happen?

hehe, you probably guessed right... "when you don't feel threatened by the world!"

normally, people call this stage as ENLIGHTENMENT.... :)


Chakkappoyyans said...

So you got enlightenment! Please send to me the "enlightenment tree link". Let me also try.;)

david santos said...

Good posting, Ranjith, Thank you.

have a good weekend

Chakkappoyyans said...

I saw that comment.;)
For me, the difference between man and a superman is something different...;0.. Hope you understood that...Hehehe..