Thursday, June 12, 2003

"Finding Balance" has got a lot to do with understanding of self... One's likes, dislikes, preferences, dreams and desires... This is more like a compliance audit.. that I do, once in a while for ISO & CMM... It essentially calls for adherence to certain norms... "Finding Balance" is partly that... Adherence to norms that one sets for oneself. At a more elevated level, "Finding Balance" means sensitizing with the system, appreciating the system and working with the system, while trying to meet the norms. Finding Balance will start looking possible once the self starts appreciating oneself, and the system that it belongs to. Thereafter, it is more a self discovering inner journey, while also trying to understand the nuances that went into making the system as it is. Finding Balance reaches midway when one finds his place in the system... It completes when one BECOMES the System....!!!!!

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