Saturday, May 24, 2003

When does one start to even look at contemplating change.. ? There are both internal and external reasons to it.... Internally one starts contemplating change, when one is trying to find harmony. Externally one starts, when he feels certain void within himself... There is quite a difference between both... In the former, one is more concentrating on the lines of continuous improvements. Externally one approaches change more like a BPR exercise. The change factor is "brought-in" here, unlike in the former method, the change factor is "extracted" or "refined" from the system or the self. I feel it is the former method that is more lasting a change, than the latter one. It is also a paradox, I see, that the harmony that one thus seeks is again one's own definition, which is in turn based on one's own inherited human experience... for which the external factors also aid...!!!

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