Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The law of karma is simply fascinating. It is more and more interesting and equally threatening when you get to know more about it. You may feel that the past has no effect on your future. But I say, there is no past or future. Both are expressions of Eternal Present... Eternal NOW. So your actions and thoughts have a clear effect on you. At times, you are the teaser, hater even a murderer!!! But for the simple fact of neutralisation as in chemical terms, alkalinity can be neutralised only by acidity, you have to become the teased, hated and even the murdered!!! All the debts must be paid off and the balance sheet has to be tallied at the end. So why create more debts and delay the process towards Eternity? And yet, I cannot understand why I’m unable to act fully even when I’ve understood this simple but great Law…

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