Tuesday, May 06, 2003

“Success is most desired by those who never succeed,” says an old poem. But is it fully true? Even Bill Gates (still) desires to be successful!!! So, what is real success? Is it achieving what you want? Or is it getting the best you deserve? What are the parameters that define success? Can we think of success as an independent entity, not encompassed by so many ‘should’ and ‘must’ s? When we begin to think thus, a holistic picture will emerge… There we find the true definition of success. SUCCESS IS THE NATURE’S WILL… Her immutable law; There’s nothing called as ‘Achieving Success’… There’s only an outcome of man’s actions vis-à-vis the Will of Nature. And obviously every time, man loses… So, the real Success lies in identifying and accepting the Nature’s Will… She can never go wrong… Whereas man often does…

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