Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Mahender tells me that it is the ultimate management sutra for success. Viewed otherwise, from a critical stand, this is a terror that nobody wants!!! While it is the lullaby song of all change agents, it is the last sound that everybody else wants to hear… All are so much comfortable with the present, that nobody looks for “a change for the better” or Kaizen. “What Next” is like pursuing Tao… where as searching for “What Next” is Learning… pursuing what next is a complicated process that involves Futuristics; in its entire form. Otherwise, “What Next” becomes a mere exercise for the sake of it. “What Next” should become an essentially EVOLVING process… Only then it will help you to foresee and perceive the unseen. WHAT NEXT thinking thus will lead us to TAO… So powerful is this concept…

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