Tuesday, May 06, 2003

It is a direct variant of his relationships to all. Man’s possessiveness to an object or a person is directly proportional to the closeness of his relationship to that person or object. From this point of view, possessiveness is indeed good – “Goodness” depends on the positive features of the object or person, as well as, the positive features of his relationships to them. There is a thin line between possessiveness, jealousy and real concern. Jealousy is essentially prevalent when the relationships mentioned above are of a negative nature. Concern and Possessiveness are actually twin sisters. One cannot be possessive towards a person or a thing if he is having no real concern towards that person or thing. So it is associated with positive aspects. A jealous person will have little concern towards the object or person. However, in possessiveness, one has to have clarity in concern… i.e. ‘Is the concern really towards the other person or towards the self…

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