Friday, May 23, 2003

What harm can overachievement bring...??? Can it hamper one's sense of achievement ? Or does it promote the achievement drive ? Does "over achievement" really exist ? I believe, we tend to over achieve only limited number of times... Till the time we realise that there's no end to it... The urge for over achievement stems from lack of self confidence... The tendency of self to test one's own limits. One does so because, one is not sure of what he/she is actually capable of... So over achievement becomes a battle with self rather than against the goal or target. In this process one loses the sight of the actual goal... One starts creating another goal which is far different... it may become an utter waste; many a times... Over achievement could also stem out of one's own arrogance...however perceived, it is thus trying to fill a cup which is already full... An utter waste of efforts...!!!

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