Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Pain and joy… they are always two sides of the same coin. When joy comes one forgets the pain… but it is always there… the only thing is, one is so much engrossed in contemplating joy, and when one is so much engrossed in joy he turns away from pain. But when Joy turns its back towards him, he is helpless… because he desperately wants something to hold on… and so he turns towards pain he cannot be, or even think of, a situation where pain and joy are absent… but if he can… if he REALLY can, then he will see, perhaps see, something different altogether… a world where pain and joy arte absent, a world where something else prevails… I cannot, nor am I capable of naming it, but I do have experienced it, it is really unique, at times disturbing, at times elevating, at times… NOTHING!!!

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